Hello, its me!

“Rachel is a great student; though she works very hard, has an enthusiastic positive attitude, she struggles often to sit still and stop talking to her friends while the teacher is talking”

(Paraphrased – All of Rachel’s teachers throughout her educational journey)

And, still, to this day, I am struggling to sit still, hence the epithet #RachietheExplorer. So why not document my ‘struggles’; follow me on my fun, sometimes difficult, always colourful learning experiences around the world.

Where are my manners? Hello there, my name is Rachel Cassiline. I love entangling myself in things associated with travel, cooking, writing, reading, teaching, education, fitness, music and self-evolution.

My intention is to inspire young, old and those in between to research, explore, try new foods, take the plunge and converse with people you wouldn’t normally speak to and laugh at my expense whilst reading my travel posts.